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Supplements for Size?

24 years old, 6’1, 180lbs looking for a supplement to help me put on some size, I go to the gym 6 days a week for 90-120 min but hitting a wall! Also have to stay legal thanks

Yeah we hear this a lot -Id consider switching to a tough 4or 5 day template off the tnation part of this site. Pretty much anything By Wendler or Thibadeau

For supps start off with the basics such as creatine, vit d3, fish oil and some whey isolate for post workout

Diet get in loads of lean protein(especially beef) up your good fats and get in pretty much unlimited greens/colourful veg

Good strategies here also " Hour of power especially"…


You do not need supplemens. How many calories are you eating? What is the macro break down?

Are you putting on weight, progressing in the gym, are you keeping track?

Channeling the Professor.

Eat food. You have to over-feed if you want to gain weight (This goes for fat and muscle). Some people (like me) over-feed naturally, others have to make an effort at it.

Start with 14 calories/pound of body weight every single day for 4 weeks. See what the scale, measuring tape and mirror do. Adjust calories up or down based on your results.

Protein minimum = 1g/lb of lean body mass every day for lifters pretty much regardless of goal.

It’s really that simple. Eat more food.

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Eat food. 3 full body workouts a week. Keep a log. Time your rest intervals. You’ll gain size.

Eat cake batter, mix it with whole milk, that way it’ll taste better. I prefer funfetti…scouts honor!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Funfetti!

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too many training who take too many time ! are you enchanced ? if not, try to rest and recover you body will benefits from it.

Besides the most obvious answer, Protein Powder, a scoop of Arginine 30 min before heavy lifting and 30 min before bed will raise your Growth Hormone levels significantly

Honorable Mention

take GABA before bed if you want to increase Growth Hormone levels significantly, try this it’s Magic.

Can you please prove this.

Must be something new as it has never been proven to do so…