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Supplements for running

“where can I buy something that includes Trimethylglyceine TMG),L-Carnitine, a Gram of Vitamin B5, Krebs citric acid cycle food acid combo (citric, succinic, malic, fumaric etc.)”

L-carnitine is practically useless, Krebs cycle combo is going to do absolutely nothing for you..its amazing what companies market for a buck, and even more amazing how many fools buy it save your money if you're really desperate, take some creatine...from personal experience, Creatine HSC is a good supplement it will improve your performance i wouldnt advise ECA's at your age, I'm 20 and I never take them ( of course, I'm considering this from a health point of view...you may not be)

I think T-mag has posted some studies on Endurox or whatever it’s called and all of them say it doesn’t do a damned thing. Use the search engine at T-mag. I think this was in one of those bloodhound scientist articles.

I ask because my uncle is taking it for running. In “Super Supplement Market” Cy Willson said it was “unless some convincing evidence becomes available, this one should probably be left to molder on the shelves.”
So I was wondering if there was new evidence or if anyone liked it.

well obviously i wouldn’t be taking eca to lose weight, i am running cross country(same as a model doin crack!)
heres what my supplement regime looks like:TUNS OF FUCKIN H20(2 gallons a day, thats a lot for me) oxycaps by klien becker, fuzu-keep my T levels up, and right before running-dymetadrine 25-this one is tough to find!, and power drive.

Stopping cross-country running after my sophomore year was the best decision I ever made. Gained 90 pounds since then.