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Supplements for running

I was wondering on what people thought are some good supplements to improve running? i have some dymetadrine 25(i know its illegal now but who cares?) and I was thinking about maybe an oxygen supplements. all ideas are great. thanks

I’d have to say a basic multivitamin/mineral along with extra iron and protein. Runners and other endurance athletes actually have higher protein requirements then bodybuilders. The reason being the large oxidization of protein as fuel during exercise.

Try ‘Cytomax Pre-Formance’ by Cytosport.

Steve - What’s your event? I imagine (this time of year) that we’re talking cross country. For high school that’s 5K range, and for college 10K. ECA’s and the like can help you reduce body fat to get the “dead weight” off quicker, but be careful of what that can do to your heart rate. Actually, even carb loading isn’t helpful at these distances. What are your starting stats and goals?

why the iron supp, i am curious, it’s easily carcinogenic to men and runners don’t bleed excessively to my knowledge.

I’m a junior in high school, so its 5k.(3.1 miles) Right now I am a little bulky compared to other long distance runners, 5 9’, 165 lbs. but at 9% bf. I run every day, some days hills, others other 4 miles, so training wise I’m golden but I want to pick up some supps that will help me WIN.

JUNIOR HIGH!!! Get your nutrition cleaned up, read up on training for cross country, dial in your mental game, and let your body mature. Youve got a long way to go before you need to worry about the 2% difference that supplements are going to make.

pre workout-40g glycerol and 1.5 liters of water.

post workout-surge or similair(check the surge nutritional profile.

what do you need ephedrine for? it is useless in endurance events. use tyrosine and 200mg of caffiene.

i have never used any of the oxygen supps, but there is a guy at my gym that swears by it.

you shoul keep your supp use down to only protein and aminos untill your done with puberty(your hormone profile needs no help right now.)

I used to be a X-country runner too. The best advice I can give you is eating stomach friendly food. As you know we have a tendency to puke after the finish line and during the race. In high school I didn’t much pay attention. In college I ate very clean and lean. Big difference. In high school I didn’t get enough protein either. Make sure you do. Since my stomach was always funny I couldn’t go the caffeine route. Cold sweats. I did use DMAE though 300-400mg an hour & 1/2 before race time. It helped concentration and focus. Same as the tyrosine listed above.

Ultimate orange will have you trotting like a superstar, be careful though

Trimethylglyceine (TMG)


a Gram of Vitamin B5
Krebs citric acid cycle food acid combo (citric, succinic, malic, fumaric etc.)

sorry, i am not in junior high, i am a junior in HIGH school. thanks for the supp reccomendations, but where can I buy something that includes Trimethylglyceine TMG),L-Carnitine, a Gram of Vitamin B5, Krebs citric acid cycle food acid combo (citric, succinic, malic, fumaric etc.). Is that all in one supplement or do I have to buy them seperately?

Sorry for the outburst. I read your post too fast, my bad. I still think eating clean and making some adjustments to your training will do more than a supplement. It’s still pre-season for you, so if you’ve got your base mileage in (average of 50-60 miles per week), then start into your longer intervals and hill work, if you haven’t already.

Have you gotten into a camp? I did for my last season of High School. We did 150 miles a week. This was in August, too. Your preseason will be your biggest asset, not the supplements. I ran all summer and then added the base of 150 miles a week at camp. The only regret I have from High School is not doing any leg workouts with weights. Squats would have been great for hill work replacements. Good luck this season.

I start practice monday, and for the past month I’ve done about 30-50 miles a week. I thought that was enough. I lift still, but will probably stop tomorrow(Friday).

has anyone heard about the aermomax HP supplement from EAS or would just a plain oxygen supplement like OXYCAPS be better?

for the fruit acids try a watered down fruit juice mix like apple grape grapefruit orange etc.

you probably should buy the rest separately, but any of those separate components by themselves might help as they all effect the krebs cycle

Power Drive. Look it up on the Biotest online store for the specs. At your age, it probably has the best risk/benefit ratio of any performance supp, and it really does work. Good luck.

what do you mean by “watered down fruit juice mixes”?

Anyone tried Endurox?