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Supplements for Relaxation.

I have been working night shifts and have been unable to get to sleep. I am too “up” and was wondering if there was anything to calm down and relax. I REALLY like brain candy but, it is a bit to expensive when taking everyday.

So, are there any good ones or ratios to make a poor mans Brain Candy?

Two things I can attest to are ashwaghanda and Z12 (sold in the store on this site), which is a combo of Phenibut L-Theanine & 5-HTP. Ashwaghanda is relatively affordable, but i’d look for a reputable brand (Organic India). You can also buy the Z12 ingredients separately and/or in bulk to save money.

I am a bit confused by your post- surely you don’t use Brain Candy before bed?

If you want sth to chill before hitting the Zs, I’d look into Relora and Magnesium, 900 mg and 400 mg respectively. Best thing for sleep and ahem, circulatory problems too as I found out when test-driving this protocol :slight_smile:

Z-12 would be right up your alley but I would not recommend taking phenibut every day. I try to limit it to once or twice a week.

Would also look into bacopa and phosphatidylserine.

And definitely ~400 mg magnesium glycinate, like in Elitepro Minerals.

Z-12 is great. Bacopa is also good, but leaves me a bit drowsy the next day (not like Tylenol PM, but a bit).