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Supplements for Relaxation?

We all know Spike works great to give you energy, but are there any supplements that have an opposite effect.

Obviously I dont want something that will make me tired and weak, but as far as relaxation goes, is there anything good?

Z-12 works very well. Even l-theanine on it’s own (think green tea) can do wonders.

I had read that taurine can enhance your mood in high doses (10-60g) taken sublingually. So I took it upon myself to experiment and I think it also has potential. It sort of gave me this relaxed yet focused feeling.


GABA powder taken in 2-4g doses

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Marijuana [/quote]


Poliquin’s Ubermag does the trick for me. Pop one and 20 min later I need to lay down.

Valarian root works pretty good for short periods.

GABA, Melatonin, and Benadryl work pretty good, also.


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QFT!!! [/quote]


5-htp, melatonin (although I’m not a fan of it’s sides), GABA, st. johns wart, chammomile tea (yea I drink it! leave me alone lol), zma always seems to make me sleepy as well.

a good combo I’ve found lately is 750-1.5g Gaba, 3g melatonin, zma, 50mg 5htp.

That is a knock out stack for sleep if you have trouble sleeping (at least for me). Just as a calming agent I think that st. johns wart would be the best and have the least sides where you can still function properly throughout the day.


Supplement with a couch. Pretty relaxing for me.

I will second 5-HTP. It raises serotonin. Be careful though, dont take it with SSRIs if you are on them. Also, at a certain point, once your serotonin gets TOO HIGH from it, it can have the opposite effect (it’s called serotonin syndrome).

Gaba can be good for SOME people. For me, it amps me up. I have asked around and some other people have the same experience. However, for most people it will be quite good.

Phosphatidylserine -Lowers cortisol. You can get a good quality one on the cheap at Puritan Pride (online). Play around with the dosage and start at the lower end.

Holy Basil - an ayurvedic adaptogen. I can’t handle a lot of the adaptogens, but this one is very calming.

Theanine and relora are two other good choices.