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Supplements for Preventing Muscle Loss When Cutting?


My cutting cycle is in a few weeks and I am real worry about the potential muscle loss, or strength loss. Because last cutting cycle is horrible...My squats dropped like 15~20lbs
So, would u guys please tell me are there any supplements I should take? Thanks a lot!


You may get better feedback and less flaming if you posted this in the supplement and nutrition forum. With your body weight being so low, you probably have no business cutting. You have been warned bubba.


There is a Supplements and Nutrition forum right???





Proper Peri-Workout Nutrition. Go th Thib's Forum.
Low-Carb rest of the day.
Protein pulse 1st thing in the morning.
No other supps needed.
You may even be able to gain some muscle while losing fat.


thx~ I didnt notice there is a such forum