Supplements for powerlifting

I am a powerlifter in the 220# class. I compete on the national level. I am 32 yoa, and a family man with children, and must stick to a tight budget. I don’t consider myself a big supplement user, but i do take a multi-vita/min and add extra protein when the lifting gets intense-heavy. Have used creatine in the past but did not like it. Got bigger (12 pounds) but did’nt see a transfer to strength. I keep my body weight around 225-227#. Sooooo… I am interested in gaining stength not size. What Biotest supps would be recomended for the stength athlete who wants a boost without weight gain?. Thanks in advance for the help.

Best, Russ

nandrsol and power drive

Check out my supplement sense article a few issues ago.

No touchies on Androsol/Nandrosol in tested competition. Power Drive is good, though.

Surge hass helped me a lot with recovery and relative strength gains.