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Supplements for Powerlifting


First off, to preface, I know there is a supplement forum but I'm not interested in discussing supplementation with bodybuilding bros. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but I don't give a shit about the different kinds of creating or curcumin.

My current supplementation consists of 3 grams of fish oil twice a day, D3 once a day (forgot the amount, but it's enough), 25 mg DHEA once a day, a sublingual b-complex, and an ECA stack (24/200/81) twice a day. I also use whey protein and creatine, probably 80 grams and 5 grams respectively.

What do you guys use to keep your joints feeling good and your muscles and minds strong? What do you recommend?


Neptune krill oil is the best thing i’ve come across for joints. Beta alanine is good for giving your workouts a boost and significantly increases work capacity.

Hydrolysed whey or MAG-10 postworkout are great for recovery.


I havent used anything in a long while. Bee doing fine without it. But i noticed when i take protein i recover faster for what its worth. Your diet is gonna determine your strength gains id get that in check first. Or if you already have it in check just add what the above poster said ^^