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Supplements For New Guys

Well, I thought i was going to get MAG-10, and pack on some weight quick, but the more i read it seems like its for guys who are already jacked. I’m 6’ 155lbs and i just started working out serious about a month ago. I know everyone is going to tell me to eat more, which i’m trying to do. I’m also using protein shakes and creatine (20-30grams a day). Are there any other supplements you can recommend to a new guy?

Well, I’ll throw out a few.

1. Protein or MRP powder.
If you opt for the protein powder alone, make sure you get a blend including casein. In other words, don’t get a whey-alone protein.

At your size, a quality Meal Replacement Powder would be a better choice though. This is simply for convenience reasons. Eat whole food whenever possible, but when its time to eat, and you’re either too full, or lack the time to eat whole food, Meal Replacements are caloric life-savers. Get ya some Classic Grow!, throw in some natural peanut butter and lots of whole milk, and you’ve made yourself a homemade weight gain shake with much better nutrition than an actual store bought weight gainer.

All in all, its just convenient FOOD however.

2. A health food brand Multivitamin

Self Explanatory

This will optimize your post workout nutrition which is one of the most important times to feed your depleted body appropriately. Surge solves all the guesswork and tastes good.

Once its back in stock, get some…

Other than that, nothing really else out of the ordinary. Get up to 200lbs and then start thinkin about stuff like MAG-10. If I were in your shoes I woulda still bought some to use years down the road, but you were correct in thinking its for guys that are already jacked, or at least, close to it.

The biggest thing to take from all this is: Total caloric intake dictates weight gain

If you aren’t gaining weight, you aren’t eating enough. Learn how to eat, learn how to structure a good eating schedule, learn how to eat to hit numbers, and learn how to be consistent, and eat more if neccessary.

Before supplements were around, and even to this day without supplements, lots of people get big and strong, bigger than me and you, by simply eating lots of good food and pickin up heavy ass weights.

Good Luck

20-30 g creatine/day? Do some searches, there’s no way you need that much. I say search b/c other threads and articles are way better than me trying to explain things. : )


-Fish oil pills
-creatine (but you don’t need 20-30 g/day. UR wasting your $. Go w/ 3-5 g/day)
-I too think it would be ok for you to get MAG-10 to use down the road.
-ZMA has been even better than expected for me. The quality of sleep I am now getting has been unreal. It has definitely improved the quality of my life…and that’s what it’s all about.



Great advice you have here so far all around. If you post your training and diet I amn sure we can all help a bit more.

Are you keeping a food log??? Many people new to the game trying to gain think they are eating a ton but when they actually log it they come to find they are shorting themselves greatly.

I have to ask also. At that height and weight how much cardio are you doing. I am just guessing WAY to much. Not saying stop completely but down ramp it to a point were you get some healthy work on your ticker (heart) and thats about it. Excessive cardio is going to just burn what you are trying to build.

Rest, and relaxation you need it. Kick butt in the gym, rest and grow out of the gym.

Foods. Keep it clean but add in a lot of starchy carbs to gain weight. Good weight in your case. Things like rice and potatoes, etc. they are dense and will ramp up your appetite leaving you hungry shortly after eating them.

Creatine is good but yes you are just throwing away money at those amounts.

Like above. Surge, good MRP, food, etc…

Come on back with more info. on all yoiu are doing and we can help you out.