Supplements for Nerve Damage/Regeneration?

Sliced my finger on table saw

I’m healed but nerves are a mess and skin is thin. I’ll do anything to get this to be “normal” in that it isn’t like touching a 9v battery every time the finger touches anything.

I’ve read about B12, and take a B Complex every day. Any other sups I should be looking into? My google Fu is sucking, hard.


haha, This will get zero replies in the injury section.

I figured it belonged in sups, seeing as I’m asking about specific sups to take for the nerve issues…

Not sure if supplements are the route since it’s “structural” damage and not a nerve issue caused by disease or deficiency. Best of luck though, man.

I know magnesium plays a role is nerve function and some quick reading says it can help with sciatic nerve damage, so it may be worth a shot.

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Me either. But I’ll try anything at this point.

Doc said to “rub it”. Which I have been, but it isn’t moving anything along any faster…

Thanks for the move back.

GOD DAMN that’s the second time I’ve clicked on a photo of your gross finger while I was eating

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Didn’t even hurt when I was doing it. And I was resawing a fine piece of maple for a fret board too.


I do NOT have first-hand experience with this product.

Indeed, this treads within snake-oil territory. In other words, it may just waste your time and money…or worse. So keep this in mind.

The reason I brought it up requires a back story. If you don’t want to read, stop reading now.

People at work and social settings see the way I look, my overall health, and the fact that I don’t use gear and I’ve become this de facto source for information. As tiresome as this can be, it’s understandable. After all, any objective individual will appreciate someone who walks the talk.

“Hey, my bf is looking to put on some muscle. Can you give him some tips?”

“I have a 20-year reunion coming up and want to lose some weight. What do you think about this diet?”

“Am I doing this exercise right?”

You get the picture…

Some questions are easy to answer. Every once in a while, however, I’ll get one that throws me for a loop.

A co-worker approached me regarding chronic nerve pain in her hands. She said she’s tried Lyrica but hated the side effects. She was at her wit’s end. Now she’s aware I don’t have any medical training but word apparently got around regarding the quality of answers I give people. I suppose she figured she had nothing to lose.

I suggested the most logical approach: seek out a specialist.

Based on what she told me, I gathered the docs relegated her as someone who doesn’t respond. And she suspected (most likely she is correct in this), that she was marginalized.

I told her I’d research the subject (pretty fascinating stuff, btw) and suggested the aforementioned product - with the usual disclaimers.

It’s going on four months now and she claims she’s noticed a significant difference. It hasn’t completely gone away but it’s no longer debilitating.

Obviously, this can be placebo. And it’s a sample size of one. However, like her, you’re at a point now where there are no easy fixes.

If you decide to try this or anything similar, I’d be very interested in updates.

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God damn calculators are getting dangerous these days.

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$65 a bottle?

God Damn! Son of a bitch.

I know(!)

You’re the accountant; can’t you figure out a way to write it off…?

This just happens to be the one my co-worker uses. She makes well over six figures so price is a non-issue for her.

Alternatively, you can check the ingredients and you should be able to find a comparable product for a lower cost.

Like I said, we’re treading in snake-oil territory. But I will be genuinely curious if you try this or a similar product and what your results are.

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I appreciate it, but I’m not going to spend that much on something that isn’t proven to work lol.

Price, is a non issue to me as well, but principle isn’t.

I hear ya.

BOL with whatever protocol you try.

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I have some advice for you, but I want to preface it with the fact that Ketamine is an illegal drug.

“Neuroprotective effect of ketamine on acute spinal cord injury in rats”

The study involved severing the spines of rats. The nerves were completely physically disconnected. Next they administered Ketamine to the rats and found that the nervous system rerouted itself.

In other words, the nerve signals that normally went from the brain to the lower part of the spine took a different course through other parts of the body’s nervous system.

I don’t wanna disappoint you but a few years back I had a similar injury. Long story short I was doing dumbell rows and since dumbells only went up to 105 I used some type of velcro strap to strap a couple of ten lb plates to my wrist.

Well not quite sure what happened but when I finished last rep and went to drop dumbell somehow things got snagged up and the plates crushed my middle finger against the dumbell like a guillotine and basically crushed top of my finger almost clean off. Broke the bone, severed the nerves etc. They stitched things back together and it was 50/50 whether finger tip would survive.

In the end it survived but they told me nerves might never reconnect. Just like you they told me to keep rubbing it. Rubbed the hell out of it and the scar tissue.

To this day it’s still numb. Gotten used to it so no big deal. Functions fine.

I’ll take numb. It’s the crazy, insane sensitive I can’t deal with.

Man, that’s fucked up. Glad to hear they at least saved the finger.

It does, however, sound like your injury was more severe than the OP’s (and definitely worse than what my co-worker had to go through).

When the traditional approach doesn’t work, an individual has a decision to make: accept the status quo or take the initiative and look for alternative solutions…?

With the former, at least she knows things probably can’t get worse.

With the latter, she can create new unforeseen issues - a cruel irony. Even if this doesn’t occur, there’s still the risk time, money, and that most precious commodity - hope - will be squandered; this is when hindsight bias can really sink its fangs into you.

My co-worker was willing to open door number two and accept the consequences. (After all, the things that are proven to work were, at inception, unproven.) But it’s not something I’d enforce on anyone.

Based on your injury, I get the impression your current situation was the best possible outcome: keep the finger but have it numb indefinitely. At least you don’t have any debilitating pain.

The more predictive models I construct, the more I believe just what a key player randomness is. Once people accept this, hopefully they’ll learn to spot potential risks and rewards in their respective journey…and, of course, some risks and rewards can never be foreseen.

Yeah to be quite honest its not that big of a deal since it’s only from the “fingerprint” area and up. The bone healed fine and have a bit of mild scarring. It functions fine and can do pretty much everything I used to. Im used to pain from al the injuries from over 40 yrs of the weight training lol.