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Supplements For My Program

Hello Everyone!

Last week I started the Optimized Volume Training program by CT, and the Carb Cycle diet also by CT. Before now I have just lifted hard without any structured program. It was time to finally commmit to a plan. I am looking to put on around 10 pounds of lean muscle, get stronger, and lower my body fat percentage. I am watching my diet very closely eating 6 meals per day. So far both programs are going well and I am noticing gains in vascularity and muscle definition. (I have been training for 4 years, 19 years old now.

My question is: What supplements should I be using for maximum results? Right now I am using the following:

  1. NitroTech Protein - 2 scoops 3x Daily and Post Workout

  2. ThermoGain - 3 x 3 Daily

  3. CLA - With each real meal (not with shakes)

  4. Omega 3-6-9 - 3 in the Morning

  5. ZMA - 3 before Bedtime

I am running low on all of these except the ThermoGain which I bought two weeks ago. I would like to stock up on newer/better supplements to get me through the next 12 weeks.

I appreciate the your opinions, a few stats.

19 yrs. old
196 lbs.
33" waist
bench - 285 x 1
squat - 355 x 3

  • Ethan

p.s. - sorry about the picture, it’s the only one I have with my shirt off so you can see my frame. In this picture I am about 190 lbs, from the summer.

Food. and lots of it.

I would say some Grow and maybe Cell-tech if you have enough money. Also I had really good results with Thermo-gain and I only took 1 pill 3 times a day haha but i was only taking in about 1500 cals, bye bye muscle haha.

Your list look OK Id Drop the Nitro… For Grow! and either drop the thremo gain for more real food or if thats not a porb maybe Carbolin 19 at your age.

Add on the structured program etc and yuo’ll make awesome progess.