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Supplements for My Off-Season


Hi guys,

I've been lurking for the last 6 months or so & just wondered if you could critique the list of supplements i have got lined up for the first 7 weeks of my pre-season training - my aim is an overall increase in lean body mass, slight reduction in body fat & general increase in strength & power.

Background - i play rugby at a pretty high level & this has given me access to nutritionists etc consequently my diet is now pretty decent & has resulted in me gaining LBM while reducing fat mass. However their general view of supplements (you can get everything you need from 'food') doesn't allign with what i read elsewhere & on T-muscle, so i'm hoping with the correct supplements i can get an edge this pre-season.

Pre-season: the first 7 weeks will involve weights 4x a week, running 2x a week, judo 1x a week, boxing 1x a week & a light bike/swim 1x a week.

Creatine monohydrate - 5g pre weights & morning of non lifting days
EAS mass factor - pre weights & post all sessions (33g protein, 58g CHO per 100g)
EAS myoplex bars - snacking (14g protein, 23g CHO per bar)
Multi vitamin & mineral - taken 4 per day before meals
Fish oil - around 12g taken throughout the course of the day
BCAA's - taken pre & post training
Sci-mx Casein protein powder - large shake before bed
ZMA - before bed
Vitamin D3 - 2000 micrograms taken in the morning

Let me know what you think about it & any changes you would make.

Many thanks, J