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Supplements for my Father-Fatty Liver and High Cholesterol

Ive done some research however would like some more opinions on over the counter supplementation for the conditions in the title. The specifics he is not so sure about as the tests were done a little while ago… elevated enzymes are likely though from what he has described.

My initial thoughts were to get him some cycle assist by CEL… however I dont quite fancy reccomending him something with the crap that the average joe associates with PH and AAS.

Liv52 was a thought for the liver… but Im more at home with milk thistle, NAC, etc.

However I know VERY little about potent cholestrol lowering supps… As I said I have doen some research but I dont fancy getting my pants pulled down over some bullshit supp with biased, unreliable studies.

Thank you for any help - I do worry about his health a lot!

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  • fat stored mainly around the abdomen, stomache does bulge out - does look like fatty tissue stored heavily around organs.
  • diet… has a gluten intolerance… my family as a whole have a relatively carby dominant diet although hes been playing around with some more fats recently but nothing worth noting.
  • he has started cycling as of last year… bit of a weekend warrior job you know - maybe 1-3 times a week although this frequency may improve soon.
  • blood tests indicate no pre diabetic problems, etc. apparently.

Would accumulation of plaque not cause increased blood pressure? Apparently his is literally perfect.

He showed me his eyes earlier - a white ring is present. I am told this is a sign of high cholestrol?

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I have that, All you have to do is lose weight or not drink. It does not mean you have diabetes or are at risk for it.