Supplements for Muscle Gain/Fat Loss

Will L-Carnitine 3000mg and CLA 1,200 mg help with gaining muscle and losing fat?
I’m trying to get the most out of my workouts because I am not seeing the results I want. Any supplement recommendations would help.
I’m 24, 118 lbs, 5’0 and I do crossfit 3x a week and strength straining in a regular gym 3x per week.

I have to ask the obvious question: what is your diet like?

I eat pretty clean. Typically for breakfast I’ll have two egg whites and one whole egg with spinach a slice of multigrain toast and sometimes half an avocado. Lunch and dinner I do 4 oz of meat, 1/2 of carbs (quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potatoes) and some veggies (zuccini, mushrooms, kale, etc.) For snacks I have a piece of fruit, almonds, and a cheese stick. And after workouts I have a scoop of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex whey protein. Once in awhile I’ll have a cheat meal or cheat snack but not enough that I would think it is interfering with my body composition.
I’ve tried IIFYM but for my goals it said to consume around 1700 cals 234g of carbs, 38g of fat, and 106g of protein and I found it very hard to consume this amount of food.

You need to up your protein and calories overall. No supplement will make or break results in the short term especially the ones you mentioned. Rule of thumb, more protein will is good for both muscle gain and fat loss. But on your road to gaining muscle, don’t be concerned about adding a little “fluff” along the way. :slight_smile:

You’re eating almost way to clean for what you stated your goals are. You said you have trouble eating 1700 calories, but i think that is cause the food you are currently eating is so clean that its hard to eat that much worth. You’re a smaller guy, add some white potatoes, red potatoes, steak, white rice, fuck even get some flavored rices to add a few extra calories in there. Pasta and ground beef is a favorite of mine, add some cheese and BBQ sauce and boom, thats extra calories. If you’re really hitting the gym 6x a week 3 of those crossfit, you’re def burning through the food you’re eating.

Championship powerlifter Chad Aichs pointed out in an article that an enormous salad with like 6oz of chicken, a little cheese, and some balsalmic dressing was around 300 calories. A snickers bar is 220, and 440 (obviously) if you eat two. I am not advocating you to just start pounding snickers but i hope you see my point in that story. Calories are going to be calories. You can find more calorie dense foods pretty easy.

Food is NUMBER ONE for ever and always, most anabolic shit on the planet. That being said, for someone in your case, look at the possibility of a mass gainer from a reputable company. Some of those shakes are like 600 calories a shake. Drink one right before bed and boom again you’ve added 600 extra calories plus extra nutrients to the day.

What results do you want?