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Supplements for MMA


Hi all, im going to buy some suppliments this weekend but dont know what to get. Ive only ever taken protein, multi vitimens and glucosamine sulphate. What would everyone recommend i take for mma??

thanks neil.


What do you want said supplements to accomplish?

Hopefully you're not just looking to take supplements for the sake of it.


Mod Brian - God no thats stupid and a total waste of money.

Im talking about suppliments to help with recovery, muscle building, energy boosters etc etc. Something that will basicly help me power through my training and help me gain muscle without going mad as this would hinder me in the sport.

thanks neil.


I recommend that you pick one, or possibly two, things that you most want to accomplish and then look for a supplement that will support the training and diet that you are following to reach this objective.

For example, if increasing training stamina is important, look into Surge Workout Fuel. If it's a pre-workout stimulant boost that you're after, consider one of the varieties of Spike.

As it is, your original question was way too general.


Unless you want to be the next Lesnar or Mir (relatively speaking) concetrate on the recovery/energy aspect and the muscle will take care of itself. Surge Workout Fuel, Spike (maybe), Grow! or Surge Recovery, and Flameout would be the way to go.

If you can only get one or two start with Flameout and SWF, in that order. I only say that from being on the older side of the equation and my joints hurt moreso than needing an energy/fuel/recovery supplement.