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Supplements For Mass and Strength?


im 36yrs, 240lbs,6ft4inch.Ive had a gastric bypass in jan-05,was 360lbs & Ive had 12 knee surguries.please give advice on best supps. would like to try for mass&stregth need advice what,were,&how?gained alot of self respect since surgry.I want to get huge!


You may find it difficult to get huge with that gastric bypass. I don't know how easy you're going to find it to get the calories that it takes to get huge. And if you're not getting your calories in, supplements won't help.


There is no quick fix to anything. You have to workout hard and eat right. There isn't any magical pill or special trick.


All u need to do is get to lifting and make sure that u eat right. Just remember u never got to the size u once were by working out and eating right. It won't be easy, hang in there.