Supplements For Making Gains

37YO back in the gym after 4 years (after having done 20 years). School, work, etc. etc. etc. Been back for 4 weeks. Down 8lbs of fat (233 to 225), and am gaining muscle mass back (not to the degree of the Andro days).

I have rearranged my diet (increased protein, fiber, lower ed fat, carbs). I am taking creatine (Cellmass), and Designer Whey protein, DHEA (50mg micronized), and BCAA 2000 Amino Acids.

Any more recommendations from the big dogs here?? I know my lifting routine, just looking for some better gains as I progress (suppliments etc). Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

watch how far you lower your fat - hormone production can be altered going too low

I’d throw in Omega 3’s and maybe olive oil in your shakes but the truth is, we don’t know HOW MUCH of each of the three macronutrients you’re getting each day.

If you can figure that out, it’d help a lot.

Oh, I’m not a fan of straight whey for meal replacement, I do for post-workout shakes but not really at other times especially night-time.

Try to use casein blends for the non-post-workout shakes.