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Supplements for Longivity on Steroids?


It is actually quite simple, do you use supplements which are aimed towards combarting the side effects of prolonged steroid use? Liver health, heart etc. If so, which ones?

I'll start with the only thing specific thing that I do to promote liver health, other than cutting down on alcohol etc.

1) Not really a supplement, but following John Meadows liver health article i started doing the following every morning:

Boiling water with half a lemon and 50g of cranberry juice and then i add some ginger for immune system.

So if you have any great supplements for heart, liver etc - share them so that we can stay on the juice for many years to come :wink:


Liv 52, Milk Thistle, Vitamin E. There is a long list of things that will help keep you in good nick. Basically Keep your liver/kidneys healthy and your BP / Lipids in check and you will be okay.


fish oil,
hawthorne berry

to name a few more, kind of depends what you are susceptible to and using at the time. But the above listed are good in general.




I got a bad case of test flu at the beginning of my last cycle. Did some research and multiple people recommended to take zinc supplements and a multivitamin if you aren’t already to avoid test flu.

A Greens+ supplement along with a variety of vegetables during cycle as they are known to be natural aromatase-inhibitors.