Supplements For LBM?

I have had some really good success with the ME program along with Surge and Grow!.

I am gaining LBM (not too worried about losing fat right now). The ME diet has increased my weight by about 11 pounds while my bodyfat has decreased about 5 percent so far.

I am now looking at trying one or two the supplements here on T-Nation but am not sure which ones to try. I have read the various info pages on them but there isn’t much for Methoxy-7 as to what it is for and the various articles suggest a variety of supplements depending on the article.

Since my goal is to increase LBM and not strip off fat right now, any ideas on which one or two supplements (in addition to Surge and Grow!) might be worth a shot for me?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Carbolin 19

I’ve yet to try Carbolin 19 but the tagline for it seems to go along with what your looking for,go ahead and check it out. I have tried and its a great product.

Thanks the suggestion - I’ll pick some up on my order today.