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Supplements for Growth Surge Project

Hi, I had great sucess with the growth surge project a couple of years ago and want to try it again. However, MAG-10 which was one of the supplements is not available anymore. Has anyone does this program recently and what would you use instead of MAG-10?

um… real AAS? I dunno anymore. I don’t pay attention to the prohormone scene much at all frankly. I do know that most of the PHs that were passable are pretty much gone, so if a legal route is what you want I don’t know where you’d get left-overs. You might want to ask some of the people in the Steroids forum.

Are there ANY supplements that can be recommended INSTEAD of MAG-10 for the same program?

MAG-10 was never really a necessity for The GS project. It was just a recommendation to maximize your gains. As long as you are eating enough to support growth, The GS project can be done without prohormones.

The closest, legally available product to MAG-10 is 11-T. Both 11-T and Surge Workout Fuel would be useful during the twice-a-day workouts, but neither are mandatory IMO.