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Supplements for Grandfather ?'s


My grandfather is 80 years old. lately he has had a drop in energy levels. He doesn't have any medical issues, but is slowing down due to old age. He doesn't work out, but has done manual labor his whole life. He still does carpentry when he has the energy.

Does anyone know whether Alpha Male and or TRIBEX would be helpful in restoring some of his energy levels.

His doctor is opposed to hormone replacement, but I have some 4AD that I was thinking of putting him on some cycles of.

Any thoughts, suggestions?


Id give the Alpha Male a shot. Also EFA's like Flameout. Hell I would say address some of the diet as well if needed but the old guys made it to 80 so hell he's done good regaurdless of what he's eating.

Best of luck,


Admittedly, I don't know much about these supplements, but before giving him anything, make sure you know exactly what the hell is in them and what all of the side effects and drug interactions are.

Will they affect cardiovascular health? Glucose tolerance?

Will they cause gastrointestinal upset (something you don't want to induce in an elderly individual)? Reduce absorption of any vitamins or minerals?

Will they affect his appetite and thirst regulation?

Will they interact with any medications he may be taking?


I think he would do well on the Fizogen product line, switching monthly between their "On" and "Off" cycle products. They also make a magic bracelet that supposed to up energy. If he ever feels like he has to overdo it at holiday meals, they also make something called "Cheat" tabs, which allows him to eat whatever he wants and not gain any weight. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he would also need to take their "Mid/Cycle" in between his On/Off cycle. This would be good for a few months until they release their much anticipated "2/5, 3/5, and 4/5 Cycle".


You are aware that someone might actually believe you, right?


First, find Grandpa a different doctor. There are docs out there who are more progressive with the newest Endocrinology therapies, but you have to look for them.

Second, at his age, there is an age-related malabsorption, so more a nutrient dense intake will benefit him.

And that's so sweet that you so attentive to your Grandfather. Awww..


First and foremost- do not just offer up some old supplement you have lying around. Chances are he is on a handful of medications that may have bad interactions. Don't play doctor and let the pros handle it. He's also 80- it's normal for him to slow down. His heart will give out if he doesn't. It's past it's useful life and running on fumes at this point.


Spot on. If you can't find a doc to do HRT at 80yrs old, my God. I hate most medical doctors, how can you be so smart and at the same time so dumb?



I hear ya. It's so frustrating to find a good doc. I even work in the field and it took me a long time to finally find a doc who was sensitive to my needs.

My opinion on docs who don't want to do agressive HRT, they are more old school....this boils down oftentimes to their being conservative in prescribing HRT so that some people will be in "normal" ranges but still be symptomatic for low hormone levels. That being said, some of the younger Endocrinologists will prescribe based less upon lab tests, that may cite "normal" hormonal levels based upon standard lab ranges...but will rather prescribe to effect per each individual. There are also some really great, new/younger Internists/Family practice docs who love Geriatrics....they may be a great start as a PMD and may be able to refer grandpa to a more progressive Endocrinologist.

It can sometimes be tough to find a good Endocrinologist because many docs are trained to see inside the box and look at hard facts- lab results, doses, calculations- and by necessity because they're seeing quantities of patients, may sometimes overlook the response by the whole individual person or not be present to witness their response. But there are many truly gifted docs out there who are able to see this whole picture.

Me and my Soap Box. I'm going through this "On my soap box" phase right now. Thank you for putting up with me.

Anyway, I wish you and Grandpa all the luck in the world and hope you find a doctor for him who's a good match. And again, how sweet you care for him so much, he is lucky to have such a caring family member!!