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Supplements for Football

I was planning on taking mutant mass so I can gain 10-15 pound sof solid muscle for football. I was wondering if mutant mass will get me 10-15 pound sof quality muscle higher or would it just be fat?

i’d imagine you’d gain 10-15 pounds of solid aids

You joined in October 2011. Have you clicked on a single link on this entire website since then? I can’t imagine you have, or you would not be asking this question. For so many reasons.

Yes will probably put fat on you, just get a quality protein supp like Metabolic Drive or an Anaconda product if the budget stretches that far.
Also check out 5/3/1 for football

[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
Also check out 5/3/1 for football[/quote]

My team has been on it for a while and let me tell you, magic happens.

And just EAT! The more you use these novelty supplements, the more you realize you don’t need them. Stick to the basics and work hard.

Best of luck!