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Supplements for Football Training


Hey everybody, here is the deal I got 8 Weeks to get ready for the start of Club Football at my University. I play WR got pretty good speed, but I am the man who will go across the middle. I am using the Westside for Skinny Bastards program (I'm 6'1 195) and following the Clean Mass Diet. Surge is a staple of my supplements.

I am wondering if I should use creatine or Get Carbolin 19. I want to gain about 10 quality pounds and have my strength and explosive power be top notch for a WR. What route should I go? Any help is great. Be easy yall


I'd give the new Alpha Male a try..


I would focus more on your training program rather than worry about which supplements are going to help you. You can definitely improve your explosive power using the right movements and technique. Check out www.renegadetraining.com for info on training explosively. No one does this better than John Davies.


Good point. Focus on training and your eating plan more on supplements