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Supplements for Fatigue and Worn Out Muscles?

Hey guys. I’m getting back into exercising. I’m doing a plan that includes lifting 4-6 days a week that uses interval training, weight training and some traditional cardio. I only do 4 days a week for now. Sometimes I feel completely worn out after a workout. Kind of like my muscles just don’t have much work left to give. Even daily stuff like walking up and down stairs and showering become a lot harder. This can last for hours or even the rest of the day. I’m good on sleep. I get 8-9 hours a night. I’m a 22 year old man so I know my body will adjust to the training but in the meantime I’m looking for a supplement that can take away some of that muscle fatigue or at least make it less noticeable to make going about the rest of my day a little less cumbersome. Any suggestions?

p.s. I should add that I take advil and I drink caffeine regularly. I’m looking for something to fight the muscle exhaustion at the source

Take Mag 10 or hydrolysed whey immediately post workout. Creatine thrown in can help also

Take a bunch of quality omega3 fishoil tabs with all meals apart from postworkout.
Drink big water especially upon waking and during workout

Seems like you’re doing too much? Doesn’t matter if you are young, have all the supps in the world or are full of drugs or whatever at some point you are just doing too much.

If you’ve trained like this for a while and you’re body hasn’t adapted and it’s gotten easier and your work capacity has gone up then it’s too much. If you haven’t given yourself two or three weeks to see if you get used to things than try that.

You need to do some combination of less work or more recovery. Sounds like sleep is pretty good for you. How about diet/nutrition? This would includes supplements but no supplement can recover for you they can supplement your diet or sleep though. Say you aren’t eating enough then you’ll feel shit and make less gains. Outside stresses too like super stressful work or personal life will take away from your ability to recover.

If all the recover stuff is in check it’s most likely you are training beyond your capacity.

When I’ve felt worn out I go eat something, it normally solves the problem. I suggest you eat properly if you are not doing so already.

Proper workout nutrition will solve it. This discusses the basics, but fast-acting protein and carbs right before/during/after lifting will cut down on DOMS and improve recovery.

Surge Recovery is the most basic, Plazma is top of the line.

Making sure you’re using appropriate volume and following the right nutrition plan is also key. Like, training 6 days a week with weights and interval training while following a very low carb and/or low calorie plan wouldn’t be the best approach.

I’m guessing your goal is fat loss? What does your current diet look like?

Thank you for all the replies guys/gals. I will give the linked articles a read.

My nutrition at a glance is just 3 square meals a day with plenty of water.
I just found some creatine HCl from the last go around I had with exercise.
I am training with a lot of volume and my goal is weight loss. That being said, I have kept the weight very light considering that I’m a pretty strong guy even without much exercise.

Some other info: I’m 6’ 225 pounds, I’ve had plenty of go arounds with weightlifting and training. Some lasting years, some lasting weeks