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Supplements for Depression


Any solid supps that help with mild depression?


...zoloft? Weed?


Vitamin D


Fish oil and cardio.



fish oil


Vitamin D all the way. Dunno where you live, but in colder climates like Wisconsin, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a possibility.



Working out is the best medicine. That and having other good hobbies. In my experience anyways.


ya im in Calgary, and im actually from Miami and i just moved here and i think im suffering a little bit from SAD


I'm so sorry you had to move there. Lol.


B Vitamins

Niacin ( the kind that gives you the flush) makes you all hot and red. I've heard they have done studies and use it for depression. I could see where it works, it makes you feel your body. I don't know if that makes since, but it's also something about what the chemicals change too in your brain? Look into, it's been a while since I've read the article.


St John's wort
Fish oil


Give Ashwagandha and Holy Basil a try.


As someone with depression, definitely high dosages of fish oils, definitely vitamin D & B, and personally have found cycling Rhodiola as instructed in the article helpful.

One of my side effects with depression is a pretty consistent "body ache" and for that I would also recommend the circumin.


Very possible brotha. I lived in Michigan my entire life, and the winters were hard, gray, and cold.

Not so much here, and I can feel the difference.

I'd be very unsurprised if this wasn't a big cause; I think the recommendation for Vitamin D is a good one.


I also second the working out aspect.




It all depends on how severe it is. You can take some vitamins, herbs etc. but in my case I had to get on perscription anti-depressants. I was on them for a total of five years, and have just recently weaned off with great success.

My case came out of now where but became severe quickly. It will pass, just seek the right meds and or remedies, and you will pull through man!


If you do decide to go the drug route, I suggest you do your research. Most anti-ds have some pretty shitty side effects. Might also want to check out a book called The Emperor's New Drugs. The science behind them is pretty shaky, IMO.


Assuming it truly is mild depression, I know many people who have done well with:

B12 (must be as methylcobalimin) - 1-3000mcg/day
B6 - 100mg/day
Folic Acid - 1-3mg/day
TMG (trimethylglycine) - 1000mg/day
Fish Oil (pharmaceutical grade) - 5-15ml/day
Choline + Inositol - 500mg/day
D - 1-5000iu/day

Sounds like a lot, but it's pretty cheap. Condensed version of something called "Methyl Magic". Exercise is good too, but monitor yourself and don't fuck around if you are becoming seriously depressed.


Vitamin D top of the list for sure. Get blood work done to make sure you are taking the right amount.
Look into having low essential hormones.
Fish oil.
Look into leaky gut or poor gut health. Obviously make sure you dont have it.
Any abuse of drugs or alcohol?