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Supplements for cycling off androsol

I was thinking about taking M from biotest and some creatine while my off cycle from androsol. During my last off cycle of androsol I lost a lot of my strength and weight and was wondering what would be the best supplements to take to keep this from happening again. Plus any suggestions on what the best product brand creatine to take. By the way, your androsol is great I have had great success with it and plan on trying your Mag 10 next!

Your losses may have been more diet related. Did you diet hard after the cycle or make radical changes? See Growth Surge articles (part III) for tips if so. And just use plain powdered creatine. Don’t go for that Celltech hype.

I think tribex instead of m would be better for coming off androsol, if you need some jumpstarting to start pumping out your own t again, i believe tribex would be a better way than m.

What TEK said. I went into a severe cutting cycle immediately after some very successful weeks on Nandrosol. There was a precipitous drop in strength, and it was quite deflating. Now I’m three days off of my first MAG-10 cycle and I’m being extremely careful to keep my calories up. When it comes to creatine, my suspicions rise in direct proportion to the bells, whistles, and unique promises attached to any particular brand. I have bought the “[Insert Local Health Food Store Here] brand,” and I saw the exact same pumps and weight gain as I knew with the more slickly packaged stuff. I wouldn’t dream of doing that with Methoxy or pro-hormones, but creatine is a pretty straight-forward supplement.

I think the best stack for coming “off” is the following: Tribex-500, Methoxy-7, if money isn’t an issue throw in ZMA, and M (I haven’t tried M but I think it would be great for coming off)!!

M is working great for me while Tribex didn’t seem to help with size/strength just with sex drive. M seems to work better the longer I take it (I think it might take a while for the Vitex to kick in as a “T-booster” while the other “anti-E” ingrediants can be felt/seen right off the bat). For me there’s no comparison, M works much better than Tribex does. It’s definitely helped me keep my Mag-10 gains and then some.