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Supplements for College Level Crew?

Hey, im 19 on the novice crew team at Delaware and am wondering what supplements would probably give me the most bang for my buck when it comes to Erg(rowing machine) scores and endurance in the 20minute range.

In the spring we will have races in the 6minute range but until then they are all 4 and 5k’s. Im 5’9 and currently weigh 152 at 7% bf. Right now im taking the normal grow whey protein mixed in gatorade after all our workouts along with BCAA’s, and every once in awhile take Power Drive.

I eat healthy in the cafeteria as you can and am probably averaging 4000 cals a day and about 180 grams of protein. So any suggestions would be great, especially pertaining to all the new products Biotest has just peddled out. Thanks!

Beta-7 and Spike Shotgun!

Most definitly Beta-7, and you could try Surge and replace your current PWO drink, see if you recover any better.

I havent tried the Spike Shotgun, but the Spike Shooters are God’s gift to stimulant fiends.

well what about L-Leucine or Receptormax?

Beta-Alanine does wonders for endurance athletes, check it out, man.