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Supplements for Cancer Prevention

My dad recently died of pancreatic cancer at 67 and his dad died of bladder cancer relatively young as well at 72. So to say I am concerned would be understating it. And I want to be around for my wife and kids but I guess who doesn’t. So all I care about is health benefits cancer prevention in particular. I recently have started taking Biotest Curcumin, Superfood and Flameout. And I am considering Rez-V. I have always been health concious and workout regularly and eat well and now have added in foods recommended by TC in an article a while back on 13 power foods. Any advice would be appreciated and on a side note any ideas on dealing w greif would be appreciated my dad was like my best friend.


Sorry to hear about your father, i cannot imagine the feeling and I wish you and your family the best. As far as diet for general health, you may be interested in John Meadows’ writings on nutrition. You can search his articles here on T-Nation or google “Mountain Dog Diet.” He backs up his nutrition preferences with scientific fact that is easier to understand than many other authors and values several health indicators in his results along with your typical physique goals, which is usually what people look for. Check him out.

Thanks I’ll look him up.

Eat a reasonably healthy diet with a variety of vegetables, legumes (especially soy), and nuts. If you really want to be careful then give up alcohol. My wife is a cancer survivor, has lost several family members, and carries one of the genes that put her at very high risk of recurrence. There is no magic pill that will protect you. Take care of the basics and don’t spend your life worrying about things you really don’t have much control over. Or you can spend your life chasing every fad and let worry takes its toll.

Sorry about your father. My mother passed away from lung cancer about three years ago and my father currently has an inoperable tumor on his stomach.

I think you’ve made wise choices as far as supplements ago.

I know these are not supplements but cancer cannot survive in the absence of glucose and/or an alkaline environment. So, I’m not sure how to create an alkaline environment within the body, I’ve been researching that for a few years. :confused:However, a ketogenic diet is definitely worth doing in my opinion.

Thanks always amazes me how they know things that for sure raise your risk of cancer like smoking and radiation but not one medicine or pill that can lower your risk.

Sorry to hear about your parents. I just wish people would stop worrying about things like building robots to cut our grass and going to Mars and put their money and effort into something like cancer research.

I don’t mean to sound negative, I just worry that people can fall for the shill game because there is so much of it played with cancer. After going through the process with my wife I found the supplement and pill pushers pretty damned infuriating. They’re preying on desperate people. Much like my wife’s family, it sounds like you may have a genetic link in your family, and you can only control so many factors. This link is interesting and consistent with all they reading we did a couple of years ago. Many of the factors are still inconclusive.


No worries at all. That is a great link I saw when I was looking for answers for my dad. Unfortunately from the time of his diagnosis to him passing away was 3 weeks. We had no warning he was sick only what we thought was gastritis for 2 weeks prior to finding out he had cancer. 3 weeks prior to his dx he was jumping thru waves w me and my kids on vacation with no signs of anything. He had more energy than my wife and mom put together. Never smoked ran 5 miles 3 days a week for approx 35 years before he switched to walking last year. It was a brutal shocking death.

To be honest I know I’m screwed just thought maybe I could try a few reasonable things to give me piece of mind so I could sleep better knowing I tried as best I could for my wife and kids. They are only 2, 4 and 6.

Tons of greens + Superfood type supp. Zero sugary crap. Laugh a lot and watch comedies regularly(helps, seriously).

Re grief, -its a big deal and nasty shock so you’re going to feel shit for say a month afterwards and nothing’s going to change that. -ie accept this/dont beat yourself up trying to fight it and just focus on keeping up with your responsibilities and being a good dad.

Also dont retreat, get out the house and keep yourself busy.
As above watch a bit of comedy and hang around friends who you have a laugh with and upbeat. Stay the hell away from friends who can sometimes be a downer. Do outdoor activities with the kids and hammer it in training.

Definitely do the reasonable things, but from what I’ve seen and from the summary I posted above, there isn’t a true preventative. Do your best and hope for the best. I’m really sorry about your dad. I’m personally hoping (for the sake of my kids) we quickly advance with gene therapy so we can target and repair those genes that seem to be the real culprits.