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Supplements for bulking and fat loss used together


I need your advice. I need to get bigger but also at the same time getting rid of flabs. Not sure how much body fat i have but it seems quite a lot. I am a skinny fat guy basically.

My question is: are you allowed to use the muscle building supplements like methoxy-7 and tribex together with MD-6?

If you use MD-6, do you change the amount of caloric intake per day? I am at 3200 cals right now (according to the newest massive eating article --> assuming i am at 15% body fat. I will assess this later when i have my body fat measured)

I also would like to build muscle but just can’t help with the feeling that it’s harder to breathe everytime i wear the same pants and you know what i mean.
I thought that if you bulk up, you will have to use those muscle building supplements together with sufficient caloric intake.
However, if you desire to lose fat, then you have to use MD-6 and reduce the caloric intake.
This is contradictive and i am not sure if these statements are true or not.

What should i do?

It depends on your goals . . . Case in point, I went through a cutting phase about 10 months ago - dropped from 18% body fat to 11% in 5 months (I had muscle (I’ve hit the weights for a long time) but had let my diet go). During this phase I restricted my cals, at 5-6 times a day, supplemented,etc. Interestingly enough once I increased my cals back up towards 3000+ (I’m 5’8 178pounds) my fat % dropped again and my body weight slowly creeped up (174 up to 178). It looks like in order to get me up to my goal of 185 I’ll need to suck down 3500 cals+ per day! My fat % dropped when I gained weight from 11% to 6% (about where it is now). So it is possible to gain weight & lose fat, for me it was the increased excercise sessions (as in brutal), eating 5-6 times per day (min) in combination with high quality cals. Just don’t count on it to be a picnic, most of the time it’s not realistic to do both unless your in shitty shape to begin with.

I hope this post spawns some good debate. Most newbies (me included) experienced fat loss and muscle gains at the same time. I think that MD6 can be used to loose fat at the same time that anabolics are building muscle. There is obviously a total calorie issue here but I don’t see why bodyfat can’t be used as fuel while gaining lbm. I personally saw a lot of change in body composition while remaining at the same weight.

First things first, drop the lard to an acceptable figure and then worry about getting bigger and stronger. Yes you can use methoxy-7 and tribex with MD6. These will help you keep the muscle you have while you take off the lard. And why are you following the massive eating protocal while you are trying to lose weight? Unless you are a newbie or on steroids then you can’t drop fat and add muscle at the same time. Read Chris Shugart’s “Diet Manifesto” and pick one the diet that best suits your needs. Good luck.

you’re contradicting yourself! it’s tough to do both at the same time…you’ve gotta choose one goal at a time and go for it! that’s the biggest mistake i see in people who train at my gym. they have those two goals at once. you’re better off cycling it. take md6 and methoxy-7 while cutting your calories for a few weeks…then, for the next couple of weeks, take some muscle building supplements and increase your calories. those goals are complete opposites and only beginners can really do both well at the same time. reason being, it’s nearly impossible to gain muscle without gaining a little fat with it. just like it’s impossible to lose fat with out losing a little muscle. also your training will be different for each of your goals. check out some t-mag articles for some training programs specified for each goal. you’ll see far better results if you cycle it (plus you won’t get bored of it!) hope this helps…good luck

I agree with Michelle, personally, I have found cycling fat cutting and muscle building to be the most effective way to build muscle and lose fat. When cutting fat,I concentrate on KEEPING as much muscle as I can while cutting my BF way down, so I might use methoxy-7 and MD6,but I have never really built any muscle during this phase. My best gains have been immediately after a competion when I have brought my diet up to maintance calories and used Methoxy-7, I get a great pump, my strength goes way up, my BF goes up a little, but I still look defined. If my BF goes a little too high ,I will use MD6 and cut calories a bit.The thing is you have to have some muscle in the first place to do this.When I first started lifting, I concentrated on improving my diet (ie more protein), lifts, and form. I would use a ECA stack mainly for energy in the gym,so preworkout was the only time I took it (I admit I have always been on the lean side), as my muscle and metabolism increased, my BF decreased.