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Supplements for Body Recomp.


should i post pics of my physique in the Physique Clinic. I could do this in a couple weeks when i get my camera, what im looking for is a supp that will allow most of my fat loss to come from muscle gains i don't want to loose much weight but gain lean muscle, while loosing fat around my problem areas.. which are

my chest
my belly ( hips, and abdominal area )
back ( upper back is fine is just the lower back by my but and up a lil farther )
legs( in the hamstring area there is alot of fat there
my arm flab isn't bad a good weight lifting routine will take care of that

i have alot of muscle from highschool conditioning i put on alot of fat sense then id love for them muscles to come out of there hiding spot.

also how discreet is the shipping im the kind of guy that wants to keep everything to my self so i would be a happy camper if this is shipped in alot of bubble wrap like everything else i order is.


Get a good diet plan in order first. Supps won't do it for you. Once you are making good progress with a dialed in diet, the use supps to "help".

There are several article in the article library with diet/excercise plans. Do a search. Here's a couple to get you started. Plus one about supps.