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Supplements for Blood Pressure, HDL, Heart Health

In some recent posts I was making supplement suggestions for high blood pressure [BP], high pulse rate and low HDL.


  • magnesium for arterial muscle tone - ZMA Biotest store
  • fish oil - Flameout Biotest store [ other EFA’s: nuts, flax seed meal/oil]
  • DHEA 25mg or 12.5 depends on age and labs
  • high potency B-complex multi-vits with 150mcg iodine, 200mcg selenium and other trace elements
  • CoQ10 - I missed this - 50-100mg ubiquinol <NB exact spelling
  • baby aspirin
  • natural source Vit-E
  • 1000mg Vit-C - some will take more
  • 5000iu Vit-D3
  • Vit-K - should be a mix, useful for irregular heart beat, I missed this too

Note that unopposed estrogens are bad for the prostate and the endothelium [lining] of the arteries.

  • In men, DHEA and T balance estrogens and in women DHEA and progesterone balances estrogens.
  • Note that pharmaceutical fake-progesterones known as progestins are not cardio protective and these are responsible for the warnings on some HRT products and oral birth control re heart attacks, stroke and blood clots.

TRT done right is cardio protective.

Please suggest any additions.


Both low T and low DHEA have been found predictive of death with heart attack admissions. This means that the one year survival rate of men with a first heart attack is lower with lower DHEA or lower testosterone levels.

I have not seen a report that looks at both factors combined - but the results would not surprise me.

More trivia: My dad had an irregular heart beat and doc prescribed heart medication that he refused to take after reading about the drug. He added Vit-K1, K2 to his supplements, problem resolved and proceeded to live another 20+ years to 101 years of age living independently, driving to buy groceries etc. My dad lived that long and was only on some Rx meds in his last week of life.

Thanks for posting this. I have read many of your threads in hopes if finding an answer. Will definitely try the Vit K.
I am no where in league of knowledge, but beets supplements do help seem to help somewhat.

Vit k2 is extremely important to take with vit d3 as it acts as a transport carrier for calcium, delivering it where it’s needed. Good post.