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Supplements for Athletes?


Hey everyone!
I am a pitcher in baseball, i am 17 (18 in 2 months), 84kg, and have no offseason for baseball.
atm i lift 2x per week but train for baseball everyday (longtoss,sprints,endurance,plyos, pitching etc)

I was just wondering what supplements will help me perform and recover fastest?
At the moment i use ON 100% WHEY and am extremely happy with the results (although everynow and then i have to take it with water, and thats pretty dirty)
I was thinking of taking

BSN No - Xplode, ---but have read up on it saying that at my age it will effect testosterone, and just wouldnt be a good thing

Phosphagen Elite
Man Clout - both do the same thing (both have something that increases recovery time , forgot what it was called, it only had like 1.6g per serve, and both are monohydrate creatine)

Any ideas?



Dude, the most important supplement you can possibly use right now is knowledge. You are 17 years old and have your whole life ahead of you. If I was 17 I would lock myself in a room for like three weeks and read every word on this site and other great sites like Elite FTS and DeFrancos etc. Even though your diet and workout blows away what I did at 17, its really not even close to optimal. Instead of buying the NO Explode get yourself a diet plan from Berardi and learn the principles for yourself as to what is a good diet. Check out the many great programs on this site and do them. Taking advice is a great way to start but then take the next step and determine through experience what works best for you.

If you follow this advice you will be an absolute beast and destroy your competition.
Also, for a quick answer to your question, eat more food, your protein powder is a good choice, get some fish oil caps or flax oil, take a multi vitamin, and maybe consider some creatine (the brand they sell on this site is a fine product). Good luck.


definitely agree with the poster above. you have to read, read, read, read, and read some more. there is nothing worse than buying things because you saw an article in a magazine or because someone told someone that they heard it from someone else that a supplement worked. it all comes down to your lifestyle (how you train, eat, rest, etc...), the supplements are just a minor factor that may help you achieve gains faster. they are by no means miracles in a bottle. as far as no-xplode and all that other shit out there, there is no need for it. companies make huge profits off of selling complicated sounding products with transport systems and matrixes and di-tri-creatine malate blah blah blah. the best shit out there that is scientifically proven to work time and time again are a good multi, possibly a zma supplement or mineral based supplement, fish/flax oils, protein, and creatine monohydrate. that's all you need bro, that and some good training and adequate rest and you will be on your way.


Thanks for the advice guys.
Ive read heaps...sooo much that my eyes are now hurting!

revised meal plan

Breakfast -
1 bowl of cheerios (75g of cheerios + 250ml of milk)
1 litre of fruit juice (apples, oranges, pears, melons) freshly juiced
1 Protein shake

Mid morning
I chicken sandwich
1 apple
600ml of water

1chicken sandwich
1peice of fruit
600ml of water
1 Protein shake

Mid afternoon
1 Protein shake 2 pieces of fruit
600ml of water

Some sort of meet or pasta + lots of vegies
1 Protein shake
1litre of water

how does that look?

im still heaps confused about creatine!
ive read heaps on it!
so far the only descisions i have chosen are that beta-alanine is something i want in creatine, and that because CEE is relatively new i am leaning to monohydrate......im not even goin to mention tri creatine...whateva it is!

my understanding is that it gives you more energy + endurance + a faster recovery....

so how did i go?


Seems ok for your goals...

although adding something after dinner, before bed, like a protein shake wouldn't be a bad idea.


I don't think all kinds of supplements are the best idea for someone your age...you've got so much natural hormones running through your body that with a proper diet your recovery should be insane as it is...but you gotta make sure you're eating enough and enough good stuff...which by your meal plan sounds like you're on the right track.

I think you should probably take, at the most, a whey protein supplement, a nice multi-vitamin, and maybe some plain old creatine...everything else you can get no problem from your nutrition.


For starters, make the following adjustments.

Eat veges more often.

Get more protein from chicken, eggs, meat, and fish.

Dump the cheerios in favor of oatmeal (oatmeal, protein powder, and blueberries is a tasty combo).

Don't worry about creatine or any other supplement for now since you can do far more to improve your diet, which will have a significantly greater effect over the long run.


I wish I had started training better in HS, the grocery bills kill you when you're on your own so take advantage of living at home.

I was a former pitcher and a pretty darn good one, to blow smoke up my own ass, but I was forced to quit when I blew both of my knees. I would suggest that you look into a joint supplement and flax+fish oil supplement. Right now your biggest enemy in an injury as that would kill your chances of playing in college/minors depending on what route you go on.

Creatine is a good choice, and you don't need anything too fancy about it, I would just go with what they have here at Biotest. Other than that stick with the two I mentioned above and your protein because unless you are a Randy Johnson size helps!


i think i would be getting enough protein from chick +shakes?

i will add vegies into lunch and afternoon!
btw i will also change the cheerios to the oatmeal...even though i hate the stuff..il jus chuck that, wateva fruit i have + a scoop of protein into a blender and do it that way!

how fast were you throwin in the days?
i want to play minors...my dream is majors, but at the moment if i get offered a college sholarship ill snap it up.

the reason i was leaning towards phospagen elite is that it has "Beta-alanine" and helps with muscle recovery, can you reccomend any creatines that have "beta alanine" or i think its "carisine"(dont know how to speel it?)..."beta alanine" is the pre cursor for it!

I will take every ones advice on the multi + flax + fish oil!
I still dont totally understand the goods and bads about creatine, ive read stacks of articles + reviews on it.
I just want to know from some one that uses it/used it!

thanks heaps!


Add up your calories from your average daily meal. It doesn't look like you are getting enough to eat! At 17 you should be able to eat so much more without much "bad" weight gain. My guess is that you are probably only around 2400 cals with that meal plan.


I have to agree with pretty much everyone here... I played university football for a year and am planning on going back (school troubles)... Our strength and conditioning coaches gave us a basic meal outline and the supplements that should be staples. Make sure you eat every 1.5-3 hrs, depending on circumstances. Take a multi, lots of fish oils with meals, zma and protein. Those are the basics, creatine is suggested.

I myself are going to start taking phosphagen elite so i can't say not to take it, it is creatine w/ beta-alanine as well as taurine and some minerals.

I wouldn't consider the multi, oils and zma supplements as they are more or less part of the diet. The creatine is only important if you stick to the diet! If the diet slips, the supplement won't do much. Stick to the plan! Good luck.