Supplements for Athletes over 40

I’d appreciate any advice that readers would like to share on supplement suggestions for bodybuilders over 40. I’m making a comeback to the sport after a 14 year lay-off. I’ve gone from 175 last June to a bodyweight of 220 as of today. I have used Androsol and Tribex 500 with good results. I’m looking for suggestions as to what else I might try to add mass and help with my recuperation. I find that I’ve had to adjust my training to allow for more recuperation between working bodyparts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s great to be back!

I’m 42 and right around the same weight as you. M (from Biotest) really seems to be working wonders. I’ve been on for almost two months now and I’ve seen definite body composition improvements (my weight has remained about the same but definition and strength are consistently improving and I was already one of the strongest guys I know). Mag-10 really worked for me also although I found it a bit “tough” on the body (bad acne and some mood swings). The other supps I use are glutamine (about 7 grams at night before bed), multivitamin with extra Vitamin C and zinc, and creatine (I only use creatine about three times a week, right after lifting). I also am a very big believer in getting most of your protein from RED MEAT (this is just me but it’s served me well through the years). I’ve tried a lot of other things but most supps are just a waste of money.

I definately agree with your “red meat” comment. With all the protein supps on the market, younger lifters often over look red meat. Powders are fine for “supplementing” to get in a few extra grams at key times but over the years I’ve heard about studies relating to beef being anti-catabolic. I know some of the greats from yesteryear swore by it and I believe its the only “real protein”. Beef, its whats for dinner. LOL

Thanks Blackjack, I appreciate your input. I do eat beef as a regular part of my diet. I’m considering Mag-10. I’ve found that I now seem to gain lean bodyweight faster than when I was in my twenties. As I said before, I don’t recuperate from intense workouts as fast as I used to. What diet plans do you follow? I’d like to keep lean while gaining more mass. I previously competed as a middleweight when I was younger, but now feel that I may be able to move into the light heavyweight class. Any tips that you have would be appreciated.

I’m probably not the best source for diet. I’ve been following “the basics” for almost all my adult life and my personal opinion is that the whole diet question is over analyzed. In other words, it seems like a new “breakthrough” diet comes out almost every week but I’ve always been a big believer in simple things like not eating too much in one sitting, eating lots of red meat, not going too long without a meal, eating after I lift, eating vegetables, not eating “stupid” foods like chocolate, etc. This is not to say that I don’t alter my diet from time to time to gain or loose weight but I think a lot of diets try to substitute a clever “scientific” plan for good old fashioned discipline and I’ve always believed in will power, not tricks, when it comes to diet. However, I have noticed it’s a lot harder for me to put on muscle without fat as I get older (Mag-10 being an exception). It sounds like from your stats that you’ve actually done a fantastic job of getting back in shape so congradulations on that. I’m glad I never let myself go because I see that a lot of 40+ year old guys have a REALLY hard time getting back into shape. One thing I did start relatively recently (a few years ago) was to include some sprinting work now and then (once or twice a week) and that seems to help keep off unwanted fat and also pumps up and tones my legs.

Thanks Blackjack. It sounds like you and I approach training and diet in a similar way. I haven’t been doing much cardio work (I should do some for the health benefits.) while I have been concentrating on adding mass. I’ll try adding a sprint workout to my regimine. Mag10 is going to be the next Biotest product that I use. I’m laying off the Andros until March, then I’ll do a cycle of Mag10. I’m not going back into competition until summer 2003. When I come back, I want to be better than I ever was. Thanks again for the advice.