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Supplements For Arthritis?

Has anyone out here had any experience with a supplement called SAM-e or Cararthron?

Hi, there, xalfred!

SAMe is an excellent choice where osteoarthritis is concerned. The problem is it’s not a cheap supp and you’d be advised to purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

Results from a ConsumerLab.com analysis of 13 brands of SAM-e revealed that only 7 of the 13 tested were accurately labeled. Of the 6 products which did not pass, the amount of SAM-e averaged less than half of the amount designated on the label. One product actually contained less than 5% of the labeled amount of SAM-e.

Re Carathron, I’m not familiar with it. I haven’t seen the list of ingredients, but I do very much like the anti-inflammatory herbs for osteoarthritis.

In addition to what you asked about, however, I would strongly recommend that you look into glucosamine HCl and MSM, both. I buy mine in bulk, a pound at a time, powder, not capsules, from www.msm-msm.com.