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Supplements for an old guy

My dad said that he wanted a return to some younger days of his. So he asked me to get him something that would give him some of the vigor back. He just turned 77, would anything like Red-Kat or Tribex be advisable for a person his age. He’s in good health, and still works every day, heavy work too, he’s a metal fabricator. Thanks, and t-mag rules

Good for your Dad. I would recommend a ggod multi vitamin/mineral like Twin Labs Twice Daily Caps and throw in some extra saw palmetto for the prostrate, vitamin E for circulation and CoQ10 for the heart. For a little extra vroom in the motor, I would recommend Tribex. It works pretty good for me. I have never tried Red Kat so I cannot comment there. A basic thrice weekly full body workout will also keep the arthritis at bay. If he already has some, have him take glucosamine and chondroitin. Finally, some healthy fats, such as flax seed oil, and extra calcium can’t hurt but don’t overload him with too many pills at once. Start with what makes him feel the best right away, like Tribex, and then add more as he starts to see the benefits.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but a healthy diet and exercise go a long way towards increasing strength and vitality. Before adding too many supplements (aside from a multi and flax/fish oils) I’d make sure that he’s doing both of these things.

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