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Supplements for Aches/Pains?


Hi all. I would like to further my knowledge on vitamins/minerals and get some advice on what i should be taking.

The main reason im after taking the supplements is to help against aches and pains, and feel better overall, health wise.

I normally take all the supplements first thing in the morning.

Ive been taking 1100mg of cod liver oil daily. However i have some questions;
1) Can i take it with glucosamine? Guessing no.
2) What's the max safe limit i can take, guessing around 1000-1100mg?

The reason i ask if i can take with glucosamine is that Ive been looking into buying some glucosamine and chrondoitin as i have a meniscus tear in my right knee and thought it might be worth considering.

Im out of cod liver oil, so will buy more soon, but wondered about G+C.

So, Ive recently been taking;
Cod liver oil 1.1g
Magnesium - 300mg
Zinc - 15mg

I was taking a multivitamin, but im not sure how much it's needed, more questions;

  • Do you get enough Vit A from cod liver oil, as supposedly it gives RDA of VIT A and D, however im going to buy 5000 U.I Vitamin D soft gels later as im likely deficient in that.

  • What other vitamins/Minerals should i look into, to help against aches and pains. My iron was low before during blood tests in the past, however i have finished up 200, 210mg tablets and they're now apparently within normal range.

  • Overdoses to be cautious of? I ask this mostly as ive only briefly read about Vitamin A intoxication, i would imagine even if i took a multi with cod liver oil, i would be fine from avoiding high levels of Vitamin A, but basicly anything i should watch out for when taking supplements and eating foods, i understand that Vit D is an ideal supplement to get after reading, which is why im going to buy some soon.



supplement for aches/pains? Aleeve or Advil?


Curcumin is a COX-2 inhibitor like Tylenol and others without harshness on stomach or liver and has many other health benefits, check it out in the Biotest store for more info.


Curcumin and Flameout. Do it.




You usually give out great advice, but this is asinine at best.

They mask the pain, nothing else. Then one day you wake up and find out you are buying costco size bottles once a week, just to not have any pain.

People that are in pain, will do almost anything to not be in pain. Including overdosing.

Supplements are actually making my life easier and adding mobility. Add to that Chiro and ART session and I can actually enjoy life.

And who was it on the first Indigo camp that mentioned "I am living proof that you can't overdose on Curcumin!" or something to that effect?

Aleeve and Advil? Seriously?


^^He said that he is already taking fish oil, a multivitamin, magnesium and zinc. He never said anything in his OP about any sort of chronic aches and pains (or "Costco sized bottles once a week") so my suggestion was that if he does incur some minor aches and pains (which is bound to happen when you're hitting the weights hard) he should look into taking some advil/aleeve.

I would say that suggestion is far from asinine.


Thanks for the replies all. However, i didn't choose the title. Im probably low on Vit D as i was in the past as i was prescribed some tabs, so will get those.


Glucosamine, chondroitin and cod liver oil should be fine. I fail to see any possible interaction.

Any way you could check how much VitD is in the cod liver oil? Or how much VitA you're getting? Be careful with A. It's hard to overdose on D, but if there's any significant amount in the oil or multivitamin, I doubt you're deficient. Liver is serious business. Serious question: are you white?

Gregron is right. Aleve and Advil are potent COX inhibitors. Curcumin and fish oil are just weaker means to the same end - less inflammatory prostaglandins. If he's having real pain, he should consider real meds. After talking to a doctor, not just some guys on a lifting forum.

And this guy is 19. He shouldn't be having joint pain. It's one thing if you're a beat up powerlifter in your 40s, this guy shouldn't have pain yet.

You mentioned low iron. How was your hematocrit or your hemoglobin concentration? You don't just give men iron, you need to figure out why they're deficient in the first place. How's your diet?



Yes i am white, why do you ask?

The doctors have prescribed me with co-codamol; codeine 15mg, 500mg paracetomol, and dicoflenax sodium 50mg, at least 2/3 of the other doctors aren't willing to give me anything stronger, however i only take these p killers when i need them as sometimes, it's not appropriate.

Im not having pain in my joints, unless we're talking about back and neck pain here.

Low iron in the past, the platelets being low is what concerned one of the docs, the haemotologist diagnosed me with having chronic ITP, she said it was nothing to worry about as my platelet levels were just under the normal range and there's a possiblity i wouldn't experience any complications.

My diet at the moment isn't as great as it was in the past, mostly because i haven't been caring about what Ive been shoving in my face as Ive been down lately, having said that, i still eat reasonably clean, but it's not as good as it used to be.

Thanks for your concern, i was writing a thread to go in I R, having trouble as it was a LONG post.


Cause it makes you less likely to be vitamin D deficient.

You seem to have things under control. Good.


Yeah i probably am deficient in vit D, i am going to order some. Seem to have things under control? I don't feel i do, i feel it's out of my control, i am trying to help myself though, as much as possible, i just made a thread.


glucosamine and chrondoitin won't interact with any supplement.

Is that a full tear or minor tear? if its a minor tear i suggest prolotherapy or platelettherapy.

one injects blood plasma into your knee and the other injects basic sugars.


Large bucket handle, so more on a bigger tear scale than a small tear unfortunately.


did the doctor say it needed surgery or is something still attached?

if it's still attached, i heard platelet therapy or prolotherapy works great.

what they do is take your own blood and take out the plasma and inject it into your knee to speed up the healing process, tiger woods done this. if your taking glucosamine and chrondoitin with this therapy i bet your knee pain will be gone in two weeks.


Oh it was asinine allright. One dose of advil will set your gains back 7 years and make your liver pop. Are you trying to kill him?


except it wont be one dose hes taking, he said he has chronic pains.


Hence death over 7 year set backs. Ibuprofin is not the devil.


listen to me

Go buy a pack of curcuma. Take at least two-three tablespoon with black pepper (poivre) (important) per day, however your want. It doesnt taste very good but it will solve all your problems. It is very very cheap also.


Ive heard of curcuma before. Or at least curcumin - same thing? Would the caps benefit me or should i look into other versions?