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Supplements For a Teenager?


I've been working with my brother in the gym, trying to get him to lose weight, but mostly gain strength for his upcomming baseball season. He is 14 years old and turning 15 in a few months. I was wondering if there would be any good supplements for him to take, IE: Vitamins, Protein.. And if so does anyone know of products that would be geared towards someone his age... Thanks


A CAPSULE multi-vitamin, REAL food and a PWO. There is no need for anything else for him. If he wants omega 3's get him some walnuts. He wants extra protein get him some chicken/lean beef/fish/etc.


That pretty much nailed it. I like Surge as my PWO, so he may want to give it a whirl.


Yup. What they said.

The basics that most people are just not doing:
-eat every 2 hours
-lots of protein (1-1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day)
-lots of water (about a gallon a day)
-good multivitamin
-lots of fruits and vegetables.
-good fats (tablespoon of olive oil before bed as well as a handfull of walnuts or almonds every day is a good start)

Just making these lifestyle/nutrition changes he will definitely see changes in his performance and body.

he needs all that to be in order before bringing supplements into the mix.


Let's not forget the importance of sleep, especially with someone this age.


I agree with the previous posts.

Looking back on my HS days, I cant believe how many kids spent a fortune on supplements but then ate like garbage, smoked dope + cigarettes, drank and got no sleep.


Yup, that was me, well most of it, minus the dope and cigs.

My shelf looked like a GNC store, from HMB, stenadiol, andro, GABA, and so on, lol.


Can you give us some more background info on your brother? Height, Weight, how long he's been training, what his diet is currently like, etc.


He is 5'10 about 168 pounds. He has been working out now for almost 2 months. His diet isnt all the great, basically still eats what he wants. I'm trying to take things one step at a time with him by first trying to have him give up all the soda he drinks and start with drinking water. He is very motivated to workout but the nutrition part is still tuff to get him to eat correctly


All the more reason to have him start with good nutrition and whole foods.

Start him with the very basics.

Throwing supplements into an already crappy diet is like polishing a terd.

It's also a bad message to send him if he's just starting out.


Food, Food, Food.