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Supplements for a Noob?


Ok guys I have been training half serious for about a year and a half. I currently weight 150 at 5'9'' and I'm looking to build muscle.

Strictly add on mass and just get bigger.

I am taking straight up whey protein but thats all for the moment. I was just wondering which supplements would be good for me at this moment for my goal.

I've read about creatine and it sounds good for building mass but should i get the regular monohydrate or something like kre-alkalyn (although monohydrate is a lot cheaper, is the other one worth the money)?

any other supplements that would be good?

thanks for your input, appreciate it.


FOOOOOD big guy, food is your friend!

lots of it.

and stop training 'half serious'. what's the point in taking supplements if you're only going to half ass it?


Yeap. Training "half serious" for a year and a half is like training "serious" for 6 months.

You're still technically a beginner and FOOD will do all the filling up for you as long as you take this shit serious.


If you're training "half serious," why are you even worried about supplements. You should be worried about bringing your training intensity closer to "serious" before you look to supplements. You will be surprised how much mass you will gain once you start training seriously and eat a ton of food.


Don't forget a multivitamin w/minerals. I'm personally sold on fish oil, it's pretty hard for me to replicate in my diet.


fast digesting carbs pre and post workout dextrose and maltodextrine with the protein, creatine monohydrate forget about the other creatines for now. As the others said start being serious otherwise your going to waste your time and money. But correct supplementation is great for gains, helps you get the most out of your time in the gym.


Obviously food, and with this fish oil and multi Vs. Both very cheap.

Then if you actually do decide to train hard, i'd only bother with creatine (monohydrate), it's very cheap. A years supply is only £20 for me over here in the uk.

But don't bother unless you sort your shit out in the gym, you ain't there to play! :wink:


If your 'food' diet isn't "in place", all of the magical supplements in the world won't help. I can't tell you how many young kid ask me about the latest NO product, or whatever nonsense M-Teck is advertising in their latest "6 page ad reports", but they don't eat enough protein, let alone enough calories to allow their body to build any muscle even if it wanted to.

ASSUMING that you are getting enough cals and protein throughout the day, (whether it's all food, or a few protein shakes thrown in to help), the next area you should address would be PWO nutrition, and that's something that can get as complicated, or as simple as you'd like. Personally, I prefer simple (whey shake and poptart), but you will get all sorts of suggestions on here (most of them bunk, but some quite good).

(Now stop this "Half Serious" crap if you want help)



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hey guys,

thanks for all the help. i was just planning on getting more serious with my workouts and stop skipping cuz im lazy. thats why i figured with a lil boost from supplements i would see gains super fast. i guess i'll just go with the simple creatine monohydrates for now. as far as food goes im just eating as much meat as i can. always been doin that.



Training half-serious usually means working chest and arms about once a week, back irregularly and leg... noooo, you don't work legs because you use them soo much during the day walking the stairs and so on...

pick a good BEGINNER routine. be consitent. EAT MORE FOOD.

use my 3D-rule: discipline, discipline, doscipline.

Come back and ask about supps in... hmm... 50 pounds!



Training 'half serious' for 1.5yrs is like training serious for 0yrs!

Think about it like this (OP).

Supplements. The word means 'to supplemet' as in, to add and improve to.

And what is it you add to? Your diet and training - so really you should only use food or performance supplements once your training and diet is top notch.. or at least better than where i suspect your is.

Protein powder is fine to help you get in when you need, but food is THE most anabolic substance you can use.

Even steroids are useless without it.


Supplements for newbies: