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Supplements for a Natural Comp April 22

Hi, I’ve been dieting since Oct and started working with a coach in January and I’m about 5 weeks out from a natural comp that I’d like to do and I’ve really hit the wall. Every pound I lose is just a grind and I look good but I don’t know if I’ll be stage ready in 5 weeks. Up to this point, I wanted to do the competition with no help but now I just want to step on stage and not feel embarrassed.

This week I started to take ephedrine at 8mg x 3/day and I’ll up it accordingly, and I also take Alpha Male and Biotest ZMA. I also drink a ton of coffee.

I was wondering if anyone has some tricks up their sleeve, my diet is right on point and I’m lifting every day and doing tons of activity.

Your coach if any good should be in charge of this.

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yeah consult with your coach, maybe discuss a clean refeed

Could try swapping some of the coffee for green tea.

Other than that its just about consistency -get to bed early and quality sleep, train hard, get in loads of water, try and keep stress down etc etc

Thanks for the replies guys, I’ve started to swap coffee for green tea that’s a good idea.

And thanks for the wonderful opinion that my coach should be in charge, and maybe that would work for someone, who a quick glance through your posts shows, that you don’t really know what you’re doing. And, what possesses someone to make a “i’m so smart here’s the perfect answer, i’m never wrong” kind of comment that does nothing to help me is beyond me, but here’s the deal. I have a coach, but i’m the one doing the show, believe it or not, I asked my coach what she recommended and I’ll do what I think is right. Likewise, I asked for some opinions on supplements that might help someone out who’s already doing everything right… But once again, thanks for the wonderful opinion, it’s sooo helpful, you’re really cool.

Did you check and make sure your fed allows ephedrine?

Green tea extract can work synergistically with it, although I doubt the effect will be all that stellar. You’re better off taking the extract than drinking the tea.

Good old caffeine is about the most studied ergogenic aid on the planet, particularly as a fat burner. Ephedrine/caffeine stack has been getting people ripped for decades.

There’s not really too much else in terms of supps that’ll make much of a difference to fat loss.

Ok actually best get a second opinion, maybe ask Thib some questions in his forum -not to sound like a dick but seems like 80%+ of female coaches go waaay too heavy on cardio and/or cal restriction