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supplements for 18yo

is it safe for an 18 year old to take testosterone supplements such as Tribex/M or vitrex? Lay out some pro’s con’s and/or long term/short term affects please. I was also on a website which was selling some intersting products such vitargo-cgl and creasorb-ph? are they worth the money and do they work as creatine supplements? Just looking for some useful input. Ive been trying to get Mag-10 also but damn canadian customs wont let it over lol. any help or ideas appreciated. looking for the edge besides using roids. thanx

I’ll tell ya what others are going to say. At 18 you don’t need pro hormones or pro steriods. If you want ot boost testosterone I’d suggest M, but your levels should be sky high at your age. Nail down your diet, and your training. The only other supplements I’d suggest is Grow!, Surge, and a multi vitamin.

you need a protein powder and a multi-vitamin.

…and at 18, perhaps a few peanut butter sandwiches


Split, read the back issues and use the search engine. Most questions have been asked and answered before. Not trying to be rude or anything, but this site is all the edge you’ll need at this point. Read up!

Once you’ve got everything dialed in your results will show. Unfortunately, other than diet manipulation, everything takes a fair amount of time. Don’t shoot for the magic fix. Get the workout advice, diet advice and recovery advice from this site and follow it.

but is it safe? i appreciate the input thus far but i have already been training hard since fall and have seen results… just looking for another boost. Will/would i see long term/short term negative affects from testosterone suplements?

No there’s no negative side affects unless you consider acne.

The best way to put this is that at your age your T levels are already naturally high and so you won’t experience the same level of results as someone say in their 30’s, 40’s, or on up.

If you supplement with Tribex and M I’d wager that over a period of several months (16-20 weeks) you might gain 2-4 lbs. more than w/out, notice increased strength, energy, and recovery times.

BUT! Again man, these gains are nothing compared to what you could gain if you were to read up on some good diet and training info and actually apply it.

Try working out with a dialed in diet, dialed in training, and all the information this site has to offer for about 5 more years before you start taking anything related to hormones.

“Another boost” that you are looking for can be found in this magazine…any one of the many wonderful training programs.

Your diet is the most important factor regarding your results.

Get out of the mindset that you need supplemental edge; many many people have gotten much much bigger than you without doing anything but eating and lifting big. This is a huge generalization, but it is true.

You do not need hormonal supplements right now, nor are you educated enough to justify using them, nor have you been training long enough to justify using them. Heed the great advice you have been given thus far.

Nothing wrong with looking for an edge.

Read “The Bodybuilders Hierarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart though to give you the skinny on just how big a part of the puzzle supps play.