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Supplements Essential for a Cut


I was wondering what are good products to use during a cut. Should I be using Surge, or would that negate my purpose? Also, I've heard that BCAA's are very good to use while cutting, along with fish oil.


Nothing is needed, but some things may help. Surge can be used as long as you're not following a very low carb diet/keto diet. BCAA can help as well, although I'd save my money. Fish oil, you should be supplementing with year round.


HOT-ROX works pretty damn good


Creatine monohydrate
HOT-ROX Extreme
Fish oils
Surge or a low carb recovery formula (whey isolate, leucine, glutamine for example)

Pretty much what I use/am using right now.

EDIT: And ZMA because I seem to be somewhat zinc defficient but thats not so cut specific.


I'd go with fish oil and an ECA stack (or HOT-ROX), and if you are going to be dealing with a large caloric deficit, BCAA's


I think it depends a whole lot on just how much you plan to cut and how drastically you decide to do it. In any case you'll at least need protein


Technically you need nothing.

However, if I were so inclined;

3)Surge Recovery

In that order.


have a look at T-Nations online store they have a fat burner called HOT-ROX for those trouble areas




Alright, so it seems that BCAA's are on top of almost everyone's list. Already have HOT-ROX. Ran out of Surge, gonna buy more again anyways. Thanks guyd


I love how everyone seems to start their leaning at the end of APRIL as if the warmth reminded them summer that summer is coming...nvm you're in California...you fucker.


It absolutely depends on your diet and training. You need to have those two planned out first, and then you'll see what supplements are most beneficial.

What nutrition plan are you using?

What do your workouts look like?