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Supplements during injury recovery

I recently posted a quiry regarding upper body training to achive BF loss + maintaining my LBM.
My injury is anterior cruciate ligament damage in both left and right knees. This was not caused by poor form in the gym, but poor form while lifting at work.

But unfortunatly my injury has worsened and I am now not able to train at all, until I have a scan later on this week and am given the go ahead by the specialist.

So my query is regarding my suplimentation while injured.

I have been recommended that the use of Glutamine will help during recovery, now I know this isn’t normally an amnio acid that has to be supplemented and there has also been recent studies that prove it has no affect on protein synthesis or the maintenece of LBM, but this has come from a normally good source but still I would rather have the help from any of you T-mag readers in the know or that have used or use this suppliment.

Also the other suppliments I use are Biotest ZMA, M and BCAA’s should I stilll be taking them during injury and can anybody reccomend any others.

(In the list above I didn’t include my mrp’s i.e GROW, Low Carb Grow and Surge.)

I can’t see the glutamine being of any significant benefit to you, as you aren’t in a catabolic state by any means. Glutamine is more valuable in scenarios like burn trauma where there is hypermetabolism and a lot of tissue trauma.


(why didnt you bump that EC?) :slight_smile:

that will help with reducing inflamation and quickening healing processes. I would add glucosamine/chonodritine, MSM while there’s pain, and nerve regenration/cognition enhancers for rehab like choline (alpha GPC), bacopa, piracetam, ALCAR and DLPA.

make sure you take your multi also, and reduce stress (emotoinal and physical)

agree with EC on the glutamine - usefull only in cases of diet or illness

I think Fish Oil is a great idea. I also like the use of MSM. This will also decrease inflamation and add to healing.