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supplements/drugs for bone density...

Other than calcium/magnesium, vitamins A and D are any of you aware of any supplements or drugs that promote an increase in either bone density or at least help maintain skeletal mass? By “drugs,” I’m referring to prescription medication that could be prescribed. I realize that life style change, diet, and exercise are the most important tools but sadly, this is not an option though I wish it were. The individual seeking my recommendation is limited by chronic injury and ignorance beyond modification. His bio would read along the lines of late 40’s, drinks too much, atrocious diet, inconsistent sleeping behaviour, near crippled left shoulder, debilitating arthritis, chronic need for strong pain meds and the list goes on and on. Please, I’m very much aware of his need for more than just bone supplements and am working diligently on this, so if you could just provide any info regarding what I requested it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


He needs to see a physician, but the latest drug approved for osteoporosis is a parathyroid hormone derivative. Unlike the previous drugs e.g. fosmax which only slow bone breakdown, this one actually builds bone. It has only been approved for women, but that should not stop a qualified physician from recommending it for a man. Supplements which may help include boron, and ipraflavone. There is a recent article indicating that high levels of animal derived protein are good for bone density.

Scott–do you know the name of that drug? My mother has osteoporosis, and fosamex is no longer an option. Thanks.