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Supplements Check

I have been taking caffeine and green tea tablets for weight loss from Holland and Barrets with BCAA Plus, ZMA, CEE and True Whey shakes for a few months . I have recently added NO2 Extreme and CLA supplements as well, just wanted to see if any of them will conflict with each other. I have had a look on the web and haven’t found any info to say they will, anyone got any advice or info? I can post my diet and training if it helps.


Im not sure of the ingredients of NO2 Extreme, but it may contain caffeine. Since you are already supplementing with caffeine, this may be over doing it (depending on your sensitivity to stimulants). Other than that, all your supplements are fine.

Caffeine and green tea is not very effective for weight loss, try the ECA stack or HOT-ROX.
I would take out NO2Extreme, nitric oxide is a waste of money.
Are you taking fish oil? I would look at this before CLA. Checkout Flameout, it has both fish oil and CLA.

Thanks for the quick replies, the No2 doesn’t contain any caffeine and I’m taking 1000 mg Glucosamine Sulphate as well.