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Supplements-Canada Ban?


I will be moving to Toronto at the end of September. Have a stock of Biotest and other supplements, which I want to bring with me. Does anyone know if any of the following is banned in Canada/Ontario?

HOT-ROX Extreme
Biotest Creatine
Power Drive



HOT-ROX Extreme due to the Yomhimbine HCl.


not true, yohimbine is a controlled substance. you can bring in a 3 month personal supply for yourself and any adult members of your household.


HOT-ROX Extreme cannot be sold in Canada, but you can order it into the country and you can carry it across the border as long as it isn't more than a 3 month supply (for personal use).


I've had %100 success with getting HOT-ROX and the new Spike (with the yohimbine HCL) mailed to me as well.


L-carnitine can be a bit tricky to find in stores here as well. And the price runs a bit high. My advice it to stock up on a bit before you get here.