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Supplements at Age 20


I'm 20.5 years old, and I'm curious abut taking axis Ht, creatine and ZMA for 4 or 6 weeks. Can you guys give me any advice?


um I know the big 21 is coming up soon but we stopped counting our age in 1/2 years when we were 5.

Anyway though, onto something helpful. I would do 5grams creatine and ZMA everyday year round, not a cycle of them.

No clue about the axis.


Steve, my best advice would be to click this link and read the thread on recommended sups and stacks.


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Try em out, see how you like them. I find when i take something (even creatine) regularly, i dont see the effects of it after a while, so i take a break once in a while, basically when the tub of creatine runs out, then buy anotehr one at any given time... works fine for me.


The most important question is:
How long have you been training?
Hardcore, balls out training with a strict diet plan?


Why only 4-6 weeks?

If you are worried about getting too big and having to buy new clothes, it doesn't work that way.


I have been training hard using CW's total body training plan for a few months, and been following a good diet.

I want to try and get some fast results, and if it is not bad for my health, I'd like to use axis ht(testosterone booster), creatine, and zma. I appreciate the input.



Only results. Through hard work, the right types and huge amounts of food, patience, and desire. There are no legal short cuts.

You can spend all the money you want on supplements, but they just SUPPLEMENT your intake of food. You still need the hard work, patience and desire.

I hope you appreciate the input.


A testosterone booster would not be advisable.


Hmmmmm. Gee, now how did i predict that?
Guys that have great builds and are monsters in the gym did not get that way by "training for a few months" and taking creatine and some fake test booster bullshit.

If you are serious about making gains: bigger lifts, bigger muscles, whatever your goal you need to plan on YEARS of HARD TRAINING and YEARS of SOLID NUTRITION.

You want a testosterone booster at age 20 after a "few months" of training? Stupidest thing i've ever heard. Go ahead and waste your money if you want.

My advice?
Commit to a solid workout and nutrition plan for at least a year before digging into any supplements beyond whey and post workout nutrition.

And if you want FAST results you need harder work, smarter work and more discipline. Not some stupid pill.


Thanks for the advice guys, sometimes it takes input like this to keep me on track, your time is much appreciated.