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Supplements at 18?


I am 18 years old and im looking for a product that will help fill me out and also help me with strength gains. I am not quite looking for a steriod but something that that is similar and would be appropriate for my age and without any negative side effects. any suggestions?


food is pretty good for that...


Creatine would be a good choice. Biotest makes a high quality product.

But if you aren't eating enough to support growth no supplement will make a difference. How much weight have you gained in the past month?


I eat alot of healthy foods and drink alot of water and gatorades..i try to stay away from the soda and junk foods but ive gained about 10 lbs since the middle of june but i am lookign to increase this


If you're drinking bottled gatorade, you might wanna stop..

x2 for the creatine


Please post your diet for better assessment. A lot is a very ambiguous term, you know...


10 pounds since june is ok. If you notice that you have stopped gaining weight gradually increase the amount of food you are eating. It is really that easy, up until a certain point. Once you understand that food adds muscle, not supplements, you will be better off. And also, watch how much gatorade you drink, it's mainly high fructose corn syrup, same shit that's in soda. A diet soda every now and then or some crystal light is better than having gatorade.


A post like this reveals a lot about your current knowledge, just saying. What you do from here will determine how the future goes.


Food is overrated.