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supplements and sperm

Hoping to hear from Heb or Bill or Jason on this…or anyone with some insight. I was wondering what effect taking a thermogenic has on sperm - that is, I have read that increased temperature is destructive to sperm i.e. jacuzzi’s or tight underwear. Given that a thermogenic taken over a number or weeks has the effect of raising body temperature, does this negatively impact sperm count or something similar? suffice it to say, that would NOT be a good thing right now. And also, can anyone tell me the effect that the herb extract of Vitex has on a woman’s reproductive cycle. How would this effect estrogen levels, ovulation etc.? I have read here that it acts similar to something called Clomid. Would it enhance fertility somewhat? How would she use it? Thank you so much for any help or opinions. Would love to hear what you think…

When you body temperature goes up, they hang lower.

You can’t put it much better than IronJay did. Your body is smarter than you are. It is designed to make sure your boys stay cool regardless of how hot things get. Thank goodness. Hell, if you have been wearing briefs instead of boxers, you have been killing them without the aid of thermogenics.

Go to webmd for information on what Vitex does to women.