Supplements and Prostate Cancer?

Anyone know about this? It was in the news a while ago. Two guys with no history of prostate disease took a ‘testosterone supplement’ and subsequently developed metastatic prostate cancer.

“Dietary supplements are not required to undergo the rigorous testing that pharmaceutical drugs do. You also have no guarantee that a supplement contains the ingredients listed on the label or that it does not contain harmful ingredients or contaminants.”

Did not develop a new cancer. Perhaps accelerated an existing one. How many men do such things and not develop problems? Hardly a well designed study. I put marmalade on my toast and I did not get cancer. Is that a cancer prevention?

I recently asked my lady MD about testosterone. She showed me that my level was in the middle of the range. Then showed a comparison of men that were in her system. Only one demanded the T beyond her warnings. He did develop Prostrate Cancer. I have used a life+ Prostrate Formula for about the last 15 years. $18.00 @ month. I get laughed at for taking so many supplements, but I am the only one in my age group with everything still working.

Beware of the excess T.

Strongly consider a Prostrate Formula. It is not a ‘muscle’ that shows, but when it goes to hell…