Supplements and My Hair!!

Ok, I’m new here so forgive me if I’m going over old territory.

I’m thinking about starting on Alpha Male soon. The only thing is that, like I’m sure some of you have encountered, my hair is thining out these days (w/out sup’s)

I’m 27 and I want to keep my hair as long as possible. Do you guys think something like Alpha Male will speed this bad pattern up?

Have you guys ever heard that Saw Palmetto may slow this down?

Thanks for any info you got!

Well, you will probably start to grow(more) hair everywhere accept your head!

Saw Palmetto has been shown to inhibit DHT at the prostate not through 5ar1-2 receptors. So probably won’t do much for your head.

I keep reading saw palmetto won’t work on the receptors for your hair, but I swear it helped on various, umm, “pro-steroid” stacks. Although at my age I finally believe I am not going to lose my hair, as did my father and little bro.

I didn’t notice any shedding on Alpha Male, although I have experienced shedding on “pro-steroids”.

Have you tried topical spironlactone?